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Hero Hemp

"Orange Peel" CBD Hemp Flower

"Orange Peel" CBD Hemp Flower

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💵 Pricing:

1oz Samples: $50 Each (Free Shipping)

1lb Samples: $300 Each (Free Shipping)

  • Bags (10lbs) $280/lb
  • Boxes (100lbs) $260/lb
  • Cases (1,000lbs) $250/lb

🔑 Beans / Seed Content: Some Seeds

✂️ Look / Trim: Hand Trimmed

👃 Nose / Smell: LOUD👌Cure is on point for this batch of Bubba, smell jumps right out the bags, straight gas... / Designer boutique terpene profiles display the classic Afghani Kush expression. Sharp, gassy notes of black pepper and clove followed by citric peel and earthy undertones.

✅ Citrus (lemon, lime, orange)
✅ Gas (diesel fuel)
✅ Nutty (popcorn, almonds)
✅ Pine (woody, resinous)
✅ Sour (chemical, ammonia)


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